Can You Store Nutella for Long Periods of Time? Nutella's Official Note to its Australian Consumers

Can You Store Nutella for Long Periods of Time? Nutella's Official Note to its Australian Consumers

After our first comedic post on The only thing, we should be Panic Buying is Nutella! Gained a large number of viewership on Social Media networks, and from our sincere eagerness to learn and educate our expanding number of viewers, the team at Sanctuary Labs enquired with Nutella, to make sure whether it is safe to store Nutella for extended periods.

Also, many of our Facebook followers have suggested that it is not particularly safe to store Nutella due to its apparent usage of Palm Oil, which can have adverse effects on general health.

However, Nutella did not comment on the safety of their distribution roots from the Corona infested Italy to our home, Australia.

Snapshot of Nutella’s official address to their consumers is below:

” Nutella is known for its unique taste, texture and spreadability and the use of palm oil ensures the flavours of other ingredients aren’t affected. Palm oil also does not resort to the hydrogenation process, which can produce trans fats (recognised by health authorities and the scientific world as potentially harmful).

As a responsible food company, Ferrero only uses 100% sustainable and RSPO certified segregated palm oil, which does not contribute to deforestation, species extinction, high greenhouse gas emissions or violate human rights. Our commitment to sustainable, responsible and deforestation-free palm oil has been recognised by NGOs including Greenpeace – in fact we recently scored highest of any brand in WWF’s annual Palm Oil Scorecard. We also exceed the recommendations of the Australasian Responsible Palm Oil Network which aims to protect endangered species like orangutans. You can read more about the Network here:”

Nutella also addressed the fact that it is produced here in Australia.

“Nutella is produced right here in Australia so rest assured you can continue to enjoy our delicious spread at breakfast time. We only ask Nutella fans to be considerate of others in their community when shopping, and to support each other during this time.

If you’d like to know more about our commitments to responsible sourcing, see our CSR report at

Kind regards

Ferrero Australia

Consumer Care”

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