The only thing we should be Panic Buying. Nutella!

The only thing we should be Panic Buying. Nutella!

Smooth, creamy and rich. Nutella has fed generations the goodness of authentic Chocolate. Many even insist that it is a complete meal. Especially right after a hard day at work.

Affected by the coronavirus, Italian authorities decided to close their schools fearing the spread of the virus. In a precautionary measure conducted by the Italian authorities, to contain and limit the number of individuals being exposed to the virus, where the death toll from coronavirus in Italy reached 79 and jump in the number of deaths in the last 24 hours.

As many might not know, Nutella is made in the Italian city of Piedmont, a region bordering France and Switzerland at the Ferrero factories. Any further disruption to the supply roots might cause us to lose our beloved thick shaped treat.

Amid the toilet roll frenzy, I suggest we stock on Nutella instead. What’s better to do when self quarantined? Spend your time on the toilet or, on the couch?

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